PEI Lobster Season starts May 1st!!!!

Lobster season on PEI typically begins on May 1st (dependent on ice conditions). This time of year it is not unusual to spot lobster boats being hauled down our roads to the local wharf and trucks loaded with lobster traps making their way to the harbour to be readied for ‘setting day’. A very exciting and busy time of year here on PEI!! If you love lobsters you will be looking forward to a feed of lobsters arriving at your door that you can prepare for that first taste of the season. Put the pot on… melt some butter (and garlic if you like) and prepare for a feast!

Launching Harbour
Setting Day 2016 ~ Launching Harbour, PEI


lobster fishing pei
And they’re off!!!


Lobster fishing PEI
The beginnings of a beautiful day on the water….


Some information from the TourismPEI: There are two lobster seasons….

Located in the eastern end of PEI. Home to many lobster boats during the season.
Launching Harbour, Prince Edward Island

From Chef Michael Smith: Lobsters are one of the tastiest and most festive ingredients from Prince Edward Island. A feed of lobsters is an instant occasion, a special treat and a tasty connection to the island. Read on

And a link to some of Chef Michael’s great lobster recipes.


Traps are updated after many seasons of fishing
Traphouse and retired lobster traps

Baffled by how to actually eat a lobster in the shell? Directions from a local fishermen here:


Some fishermen store there traps and equipment in their fishing shacks.
Traphouses – Launching, PEI


PEI lobster has earned a reputation among the finest in the world, and our fishery is a tradition that dates back generations. From the Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association.

Youtube is home to many videos that take you out on the water for a typical day of lobster fishing.


I’m Lester the Lobster from PEI
An ugly little bug with beady little eyes
I can tackle anything up to twice my size
I’m Lester the Lobster from PEI

Now some people hold to the silly little notion
That every single lobster in the big wide ocean
Is as green as can be until they’re boiled
But I’m as red as Prince Edward Island soil

An Amazin’ crustacean that’s what I am it’s plain
The first little lobster to bring the island fame
I was hatched on the shores in the PEI mud
And the colour of the Island soil has gotten in my blood

Well I’m grown up now and looking for a mate
A quaint and dainty lobster miss who would co-habitate
With a great red lobster from the shores of PEI
But my little lobster miss would have to be as red as I

Well I’d like to send a message to the people of the world
If anyone should come across a little lobster girl
Who’s as red as Prince Edward Island, sittin’ in the sea
Just crate her up and ship her here, and send her C.O.D.

Enjoy your first feed of the PEI season!! It is always the tastiest!!